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Michael switched off the O-light drive and checked the oxygen tanks, 0.19 read the scale and an orange warning light kept blinking on the panel, it was very low, breathing would be hard
pretty soon, in four or five hours it would be the end and he had to admit he was lost.
He switched the planet-search on and the board computer lit a row of green lights as to say:
“working on the subject”. Mike sat in front of the command panel and sank in the seat.
There was little hope for survival, when O-light drive screws up it brings you just anywhere,
not anywhere in the neighborhood but anywhere millions of light years in any directions you started from, lost. There was 1/100 000 of a chance to be near a planet you can live on.
“I might as well stay here” >>------->”Wonder if they’ll find me in few thousands or millions of years”>>----------> “All dried up” >------------>”If they find me”>>-------> “ Ever”
He forced himself to sleep.

A ringing bell drilled his ears until he awoke and the first thing he noticed was the row of green lights blinking on the panel. “ Holy Mama ! How can that be ? No kiding “
Mike clapped his hands and since it was the signal for Mary 1 to speak out,she did :
“ Nice of you to let me speak,Mike, thank you very much”
“AAWWW c’mon, you bot, tell me what’s going on, Hurry”
“My instruments found a Terra-like planet, about two standard hours N-drive away”
“Can I survive that long?”
“It’s highly possible but there is little chance we’ll have time to choose a good landing spot”
“Can’t you just parachute me down there?”
“Yes, that’s what we should do, but you will land very approximately anywhere”
“Geee ! that’s good news. Can we do that now?”
“Well, if you get G suit,parachute and strap down on your seat, we’ll be on our way”

When Mary 1 ejected him in the planet’s upper atmosphere, Michael could feel the air flow around his body as he plunged toward it’s surface,two standard minutes later he oppened his first brake parachute, that slowed him to 120 mph in 30 standard sec, he looked down and realized that he had an ocean under him so he striked the second brake parachute open and started to drift with the wind. He opened his main sail few seconds later and then he could travel with and against the wind,he chose to go with the wind at first. The wind pushed him
Eastward rather fast but all he could see was blue waters as far as he could see, he swinged
to the north and kept scrutinizing the ocean and ten std.min. later he spotted an Island about
twenty miles North-East. “ Almost in reach” he thought “ Let’s do our best”.

The best he did was about to lead him some one or two miles short of the island and he was hoping there were no big predators lurking in the blue waters beneath, it seemed that luck
was on his side; a small raft was floating near by,so he drove his sail in that direction and untied his chute to drop in the sea close to the raft.
His dive brought him deep underneath but the water was warm and he had time to take off his G-suit and heavy gear before swimming back to surface.

Lua and Shila heard the loud splash when Michael hit the water and they both saw him go down, Lua was the first to react, turning to face her younger sister, she spoke in signs “It’s a male” Shila answered “ He’s coming back up,hurry Lua”
Lua seeing Mike passing by had just the time to take off her short and swim fast to him; she wrapped her arms around him while her sister pulling off the male’s pants from underneath
extracted his sexual organ to direct it in her sister’s vagina, she managed to do this just before they all reached the surface.Lua took mike’s head in her arms and with an expert twist broke his neck which freed the seminal liquid that invaded Lua’s womb and she felt it.
“aaahh”. It was mating season.


Blogger Indeterminacy said...

Oh my God! What a way to go! I was wondering the whole time how it would end. You have a great imagination. I'll link it up at my story.

3:10 PM  
Blogger Helen said...

I am not at all surprised to find Indie commenting on this post. You two share a common mind thread. He, as do you, have imagination's that must really take you both to some wonderful places. And as far as I know, you both do it without mind altering drugs! Kudos to you both!

5:16 PM  
Blogger Helen said...

Hope you don't mind this post.

More Peace....................

7:57 PM  
Blogger GPV said...

I'll never mind any post from you Helen, I like the way you say what you think.

1:01 AM  
Blogger lewisgibson6024460956 said...

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