Wednesday, December 30, 2009

15 000 years ago- part 3

It took me some time to get pragmatic about the whole situation, I knew no more about Hard
Stone than anyone in our tribe, I had to know more about the man that I considered my ennemy
Hard would wake up very early in the morning, so to spy on him from dawn on, I had to wake before he did.
I had no problem waking at any time I chose I just had to think about it before falling asleep and
sure thing I awoke much before Hard, that was in fact a very good idea and it paid off rather quick.
The sun wasn't up yet when our chief stepped out of his hut, he took a look around but I was out of sight , watching him through a small crack I made in the shack where all youngsters slept,
then he left camp and headed eastward (sunupway), there was a lean path Hard was taking and I came out and followed his trail as soon as he disapeared behind the trees, I was careful to check which way the wind blew, Hard would've smell my presence if I had the wind in my back, it was not the case, there was a gentle breeze from my right and since it was the way Hard went, that would keep my scent away from his nostrils but on the other hand I could smell Hard Stone and
could evaluate roughly how far he was from me.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

15000 Y.ago_Part 2

15000 Y.ago_Part 2
Dark Cloud was thus named because she was born with a bushy tuft on the top of her head, later she grew long straight shinny black hairs that you had to brush a bit away to get a look at two magnificent eyes,deep and profoundly black, a kind and sweet look on the outside world.I think we loved each other from the start, her dark look into my blue one as we played together we tasted our skin with the tip of our tongue and rubed our noses when alone,she smelled good and as seasons went by we were involving ourselves into our love and sex playing so much that the entire community came to known about it.Sometimes, rather often now that I think of it, Running Deer would join us, he was one season older than I and Dark and friendly enough to be accepted as a sex play mate by Dark and as hunting companion by me, we appreciated each other, Run was smart, slow and thoughtful in his talk, on the contrary I was fast talking, saying what I felt outright but I doubted all things and experiences made by others .I didn't mind his sex playing with Dark since all kids in our camp indulged in sex experiments in their early years, this didn't bother me, we kept friendly relations and we both had sex plays with Dark on several occasions,she seemed to enjoy those happenings as Run and I tried to please her as much as we could. Run asked me once_"How does she look to you when she gets carried away and her face expresses delight in sex play"_"She looks like the prettiest girl I ever seen,Run".He agreed nodding his head and kept on_"I overheard Hard Stone and her mother talking low about Dark, he wants to take her as his wife when she reach twelve"_"Oh noooo,what did she answer??Small Fire doesn't like me, you know,what did she say?"_"She said it would be a good thing for Dark and that she would talk to her daughter to prepare her for that event"_"I would rather die than see that"_"I know that, High, and you're gonna die too".Two suns after that conversation I got to see Dark in private and asked her if she knew about the deal between her mother and the chief, she told me she was made aware of the futur by Small Fire and she told me not to oppose Hard Stone as it would mean certain death for me.I screamed in pain but she hushed me, she said that she couln't stand a life without me._"so please High, survive no matter what happens,I won't be alive if you leave this world".We argued for a while but I stopped when I saw distress in her eyes._" Please,High my love,please....(and then lower,crying)...please".I didn't know what I was to do but I was sure I would take my stand again, if the lion didn't get me, Hard Stone woudn't either and I started to think about a way out.

Friday, August 14, 2009

15 000 Years ago

I was born in a small tribe of hunters roaming about the northern part of a country that now is named Spain.
My father's name was Two Spears and my mother was called Red Moon, Two Spears disapeared
during a hunting trip that he took with Hard Stone,our chief, and his two nephews; Long Arrow and Fast Fist. At that time I was four or five and Red moon was around sixteen winters, we both were adopted by Hard Stone who spent his time making me regret my dad's gentle eyes
and the stories that he used to tell me night times by the fire around which we all gathered until late.
Hard Stone took my mother as his third wife and I became his hated son-in-law, his victim.
In spite of all the bad treatments from Hard Stone and his first wife, Loud Call, I managed to reach the age of ten and I had one more season to go in order to become a full adult member of the tribe, this was achieved through a ritual ruled by the shaman Big horn but I was freed from
the hands of Hard Stone much sooner than expected.
All the hunters were gone to a river spot where buffalos used to cross while migrating to the south, only youngters, women and old people stayed to guard the camp and that day, around noon, I was training throwing spears by a pond near camp,while women and kids played in the water, the spears came from my father, these were my legal property and none could contest this, not even Hard Stone,that was the custom.
Anyway, I was by my target tree when that lion appeared, a female,I didn't have time to think and I just walked toward her, she growled deep but I just pointed one of my spears toward her and got ready to throw the other, pure instinct made me shake my right arm,holding firmly my
other weapon and ready to strike if she chose to attack, She didn't,she growled one more time and left sowly, avoiding the rout.
That female probably had cubs and was alone, I think she couldn't afford a fight in which she could get wounded but my attitude was what made me a man before time.
Three sun passed and the hunters were back, all learned what I'd done,there's not a thing Hard Stone could do about it and they painted me with red earth and the shaman named me by the fire that night, I was to be "High Stand" full member of my tribe.
Later I had to cope with our chief again, he wanted to take Shiny Cloud, my love, as his fourth wife. That's another story.....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Residual radio noise

As soon as radio telescopes were built, astronomers pointed their new toys in all directions, to hear what radio waves could say about stars, dying stars and super novas, quasars and black holes and whatever.
I don't have to tell you that I don't know much about astronomy or physics, I'm not a scientist,period.
As astronomers were listening to all these radio sources they noticed a small noise in the radio
background of the universe,that noise is permanent and scientists declared that it was the residual radio noise of the birth of our universe. Really??Is there a proof of this, I never read a detailed explanation of how we can prove that this persistent noise is what's left of the fantastic
explosion that gave matter to the void.
Is that noise the proof? Maybe I missed something there,If I did forgive me and jump to another blog.
I always thought the universe had something to do with eternity, now if you take a small radio noise as a positive sign of a ' Big Bang' you compare the universe to man's life,if we're born so was the universe. That makes me think of the belief, in the past centuries, that the earth was unique and stars were only christmas candles to decorate the sky by night.
It makes me think also of ancient theories as 'Spontaneous Generations' and 'China is the center of the world' and it reminds me all the postulates we took for granted in the past.
I stuck my head under the water by the sea and I heard all kinds of noises, I didn't conclude it was residual noises of the birth of life in the oceans.
I still believe eternity is, I still believe matter was always and I believe life was always too.
Only man, animals,planets,stars and galaxies are born and die after a while, not the universe.
If I read a real scientific explation of the Big Bang theory,with proof,I'll change my mind.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Doom’s day

An important population of flees were living on the skin of a street dog.The living was easy ,food was tasty and a wonderfull forest of hair covered their land but as time went by their numbers grew,hairs started to vanish and their room space became smaller so that the best spots were taken by the strongest and most clever flees.,still, life was harder and the conflictual situation between the ‘have’ and the ‘have-not’ lead to a revolution and lots of trouble ,the top flees of Earland and Neckland won over the ‘have-not’in the battle of Scratchbelly and many Have-not leaders were executed and their followers reduced to slavery
Except in the state of Ballsland where the citizens,allied of Tailland and Hindland stood high and stopped the ennemies on the actual frontier of Rearland and the kingdom of Neckland.

After many routs,skirmishes and small troubles of all sorts the two armies signed a peace treaty and there remained two factions: Neckland and Rearland.

Now, both kingdoms had the same religion,most flees believed in Dog but a wide amount of subjects on both sides were ‘Adogist’ and denied the existence of Dog.The head of the dogist faith called the infaithful adogists to repent or to be thrown in Hellhole and suffer the horrible stink for eternity.

“well,Lydie,I admit you had good grades this year and that you’re of age to have a dog but we’ll need at least two pounds of powder to get rid of the flees on that one. OK,hon, you can have him…………

Monday, July 20, 2009

My kid came back

Hi people, long time no see, I'm addressing this to all, not a religion in particular, not a citizen but to all.
The most boring topic that's been discussed over and over, over the years,decenies and centuries past is the problem of God: does God exist?
Nobody seems able to prove the existence or the non-existence of God, it's a fifty/fifty question so if you think that God is just a man made invention you have 50 % chances to be right and if
you think God is real you have 50 % too.
Some guys are positive about it and think 'why not' ,I'll vouch for that, and others think "NO"
One of the arguments of the negative side is "why would there be so much suffering,killing and so on if God did exist?"
The positive side answers "You can't guess God's ways and will"
Why not? Men said this, not God.
What could be more important to God than all the suffering of mankind?

This maybe:
This day,that day among thousands of other days,when one of those human beings wakes up
and for the first time in his life and realizes "Ohhh, I'm starving my brothers, Lord !! I'm killing
your children and I despair my own kind"

It just might be one of these things. WHY NOT ? 50 %

Friday, April 18, 2008

Pornography is condemned

Pope blames porno for the numerous child abuses and rapes on minors commited by catholic
priests in US. Why yes, it's not the priests faults, poor blokes are lead astray by me on Deja Vu.
I wish You a Merry Syphilis and a Happy Good Clap.